Hampson Woods – Porridge Spoons


Individually hand carved from London plane timber, these unique spurtle-spoons are wonderfully versatile.

Delightful to hold, they stir, scrape and flip with ease.


Produced by Hampson Woods whose traditional and sustainable approach to small-batch production is patient and considered. No timber is worked unless its provenance is known.

They source from a carefully selected merchant due to their traditional and sustainable approach. They also source from arborists in and around London who specialise in clearing the fallen giants of this city.


This ensures an ethically-sound supply chain – and means everyone, from forester to finisher, cares enough to know where each piece once had its roots.

Finished with olive oil.

Nb. every spoon is unique and will differ slightly from the one photographed.


Approximately 280 x 40 x 10mm.


London plane timber from Bordeaux

Care Instructions

Never soak or put in a dishwasher.  Wipe clean with a mild detergent if necessary and dry off as soon as possible. These oiled products will naturally dry out over time so when this happens, you can re-apply any natural food-safe oil , e.g. olive oil, and then wipe off any excess.