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Browse our sustainable homeware collection.
Add soft velvet cushions to your sofa and handwoven baskets to shelves.
Bring beautifully simple handmade ceramics and washed table linen to your table.
Enjoy bath rituals with our collection of natural and organic wellness products.

Artisan kitchen

Handmade ceramics from Brickett Davda, soft Lithuanian washed table linen, handwoven tea towels from Karin Carlander, natural handmade brushes and sustainably sourced wooden boards & utensils.

Artisan Ceramics

Luxury Table Linens

Luxury Aprons & Tea Towels

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Handmade wooden kitchen utensils


Woman & Wellbeing

Browse our collection of ethically produced footwear, accessories, clothing and jewellery. Including heirloom Mohinders City Slippers, Columbian Wayuu bags and gold jewellery made to treasure.



Woman & Wellbeing

All Homeware

The heft of an artisan coffee cup in your hand. The smooth surface of artisan stoneware plates. The perfect imperfections in every piece of your artisan tableware.

These are just some of the reasons we love our artisan ceramics. The Small Home sources artisan ceramics and tableware from independent artists who have a passion for their craft. One such favourite is Brickett Davda, a female-owned award-winning artisan ceramics studio inspired by the colours in British nature....


Tim Lake is another of our artisan pottery partners. He creates elegant and unique pots in his Welsh studio, each inspired by his travels around the globe. Ceramicist Jess Webb is a potter, musician, and florist, and her love of music and whimsy shines through in all of her pieces.

We love discovering new artisan ceramics, and we know you will, too. Browse our extensive collection now.

Artisan Mugs

There’s nothing better than a much-needed cup of tea or coffee. The minute you feel the weight of the cup in your hand, your shoulders start to relax and your mind is set at ease. A tea break is a sacred time, and that’s why we love serving our brew in artisan mugs. The Small Home’s artisan mugs add an extra layer of gravitas to your most anticipated moments of the day.

Artisan Plates

Artisan plates and handmade tableware transform your table settings into a celebration of food. There is an art to plating food - we 'eat with our eyes.' Therefore, serving a carefully prepared meal on artisan plates and platters adds to the enjoyment of the experience. Whether you pick minimal and muted tones or a pop of colour, we think food tastes better on artisan dinner plates.