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Handmade ceramics from Brickett Davda, soft Lithuanian washed table linen, handwoven tea towels from Karin Carlander, natural handmade brushes and sustainably sourced wooden boards & utensils.

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The most beautiful luxury table linens are often the most simple. That’s why The Small Home curates a thoughtful collection of washed linen napkins, fine linen tablecloths, and luxury table runners.

Dressing the table with simple yet elegant luxury table linens is our favourite part of preparing for a special meal. But even daily meals can be transformed by the tactile beauty of washed lined, which looks even better the more you use and wash it over time...


Blush Pink Table Runner

Blush pink is one of our most popular colourways, and our blush pink table runner adds a subtle hint of colour to the central length of the table. Pair it with our 100% washed Lithuanian linen napkins for an effortlessly refined table dressing that will bring each diner a sense of joy and calm.

The Small Home believes in fair trade with global artisans. We carry a wide selection of luxury tablecloths, some handspun and woven by Ethiopian artisans. They age beautifully, getting softer and fluffier with each use. Representing hours of meticulous work that adds function and beauty to your home.

Linen Table Runner

Our linen table runners are beautifully simple, made from 100% washed linen and some trimmed with delicate fringe edges. Our table runners are available in a complementary array of soothing colours: pink clay, baked clay, ashes of rose, thunder grey, sand pink, and our natural melange.

In addition to a linen table runner, we also love how luxury linen tablecloths drape and hang. Our largest is 210cm x 150cm, which is also ideal for using as a lightweight throw. It’s made from imported Belgian flax and handwoven in a quiet southwestern Indian village.