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African baskets are far more than just a receptacle - they each carry layers of meaning and tradition. Moroccan raffia baskets, Kenyan sisal baskets, and Zambian wall art baskets are individual works of art, crafted by expert artisans who are paid a fair wage for their immense talent.

At The Small Home, we love adding African baskets throughout our space, admiring their elegance and appreciating their functional beauty. That’s why we curate such a large collection of fairly traded African baskets from all over the continent...


We love using African baskets for all kinds of purposes; keeping one by the front door for keys, a few in the bathroom for toiletries, and a large African woven basket or two for blankets and extra linens. They’re even great as an attractive way to disguise extra loo rolls.

One of our favourite uses for natural wicker baskets is as indoor plant baskets. Handwoven from natural fibres and sisal, they are the perfect complement for the natural beauty of greenery and flowers.

Raffia Baskets

We source our raffia baskets from skilled artisans in Madagascar, who hand-dye the fibres with natural vegetable dyes in a subtly modern colour palette. Mix and match different raffia baskets, and pair them with our matching placemats and coaster sets. Terracotta, blush pink, dusty grey, and the natural raffia hue pair beautifully with most interior decor, complementing your existing style.

African Woven Baskets

We carry African woven baskets in a variety of materials and fibres, but Kenyan sisal baskets are always a classic favourite. Our Kenyan sisal baskets originate in the Machakos area, where they are handwoven by a talented women’s co-operative who earn a fair wage for their artistry.

They each have their own idiosyncrasies that are a hallmark of handmade sisal baskets Kenya wide, so yours will be a unique statement piece.