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Add comfort and colour to living spaces with soft velvet and washed linen cushions. Create warmth with natural sheepskins rugs and Donegal blankets. Fill your space with the calming scent of candles. Embrace nature, adding plants and flowers to handwoven baskets and recycled glass vases.

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When it comes to creating a tranquil and peaceful home, candles and incense help you set the right mood. The Small Home carries a large selection of scented tea lights, sea salt candles, pure beeswax candles, and incense sticks UK and internationally sourced.

Select boxes of beeswax candles and twisted candles hand-poured in London and Cumbria, and burn them in our elegant candle holders...


Our pure beeswax candles are hand-dipped using time-honoured methods, resulting in a long burn time and the barest hint of honey. For hand-poured candles in recycled apothecary amber glass pot, choose Brittany-based Wabi-Sabi. Their candles are made from eco-friendly soy wax with recycled craft labels that reflect their artistic worldview.

The Small Home sources herbal incense, and incense sticks UK-wide from ethical companies, including Incausa, an Indigenous social entrepreneurship located in the Amazon basin. Similarly, our incense stick holders are ethically produced and as beautiful as they are functional.

Scented Tea Lights

We love the gentle aromas that emanate from our sea salt candles and scented tea lights. Not only does their playful twinkle light up a room, but their delicate natural perfumes permeate throughout the entire house.

Our scented tea lights are hand-poured at a farm-based in North Cornwall, and come in packs of nine with a burn time of six hours each. The scents are inspired by the rugged Cornish coast, including Sea Salt Candles, Embers, and Tranquillity. The latter is a blend of ylang-ylang, lavender and orange that will help your shoulders finally relax and drop at the end of a long day.

Sea Salt Candles

Sea salt candles have one of our favourite scents, an intoxicating ozone and citrus aroma that reminds us of waves crashing on a beach. Our sea salt candles transport you to the Cornish coast, each made of blended mineral wax with a cotton wick and sold in grey ombre pots. You’ll swear you can feel the sand between your toes.