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Nothing feels better against your skin than natural fibres, and we especially love natural sheepskin rugs. In the heat of summer or the chill of winter, a genuine sheepskin rug keeps you at the perfect temperature and wicks away moisture. They’re always incredibly soft, exuding restorative lanolin that keeps them looking and feeling fantastic for years to come.

We use our luxury sheepskin rugs in nearly every room of our home, layering them as soft throws over the back of a chair, across a bench seat or as a comforter in our children's bedrooms. Real sheepskin rugs are even great for pets, keeping them cool and comfortable all year round...


Real Sheepskin Rugs

We source all of our real sheepskin rugs from ethical producers in New Zealand, where they are a byproduct of the meat industry. As a result, no part of the animal goes to waste, making real sheepskin rugs an eco-friendly and natural choice.

That’s why The Small Home carries sheepskin rugs in many different colours, including grey and our ever-popular blush pink sheepskin rug. They may be natural, eco-friendly, and affordable, but each genuine sheepskin rug feels like a true luxury purchase.

Genuine Sheepskin Rug

A genuine sheepskin rug is effortlessly versatile, transitioning from a chic bed throw to a warm pram liner in an instant - baby sheepskin rugs are more popular than ever. It’s normal to be concerned about the dyes, fibres, and chemicals that come into contact with your baby’s skin. That’s why so many of our clients choose our natural cashmere goatskin rugs.

We love them in the chillier months to warm our guests’ laps for al fresco dining, and they make a fantastic addition to your car, perfect for snuggling on a long drive.