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Men's sheepskin mule slippers

Our backless style with a closed toe. Easy to slip on or off, the Mule is perfect for sliding into as soon as you walk through the front door.

Men's sheepskin moccasins slippers

Our Full Moccasin style is an enclosed slipper with high-grade quality sheepskin that surrounds the ankle. It is perfect for those who like a snug, cosy slipper.

Men's sheepskin slipper boots

Our versatile Slipper Boot can be styled up or folded down, it offers an edgier take on our Moccasins. Perfect for pulling on in the morning and enjoying wearing all day.

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Men’s Sheepskin Lined Slippers

Men’s sheepskin slippers are warm, comfortable, and relaxing – the perfect way to cap off a long day. Whether you’re on your feet all day, working from home, or commuting to the office, the soft pile of real sheepskin slippers puts your mind and body at ease.

The Small Home carries a wide range of men’s sheepskin lined slippers in different colourways and designs. We believe that everyone deserves comfort at home, and that’s why we create the best men’s sheepskin slippers available, handcrafted in Poland’s Tatra Mountains. They’re simple, classic, and functional, perfect as a gift for Father’s Day or birthdays...


Men’s Real Sheepskin Slippers – Perfect for All Seasons

Sheepskin is one of nature’s most remarkable materials, keeping you warm and dry no matter the weather outside. The Small Home’s men’s slip-on sheepskin slippers wick sweat away from your skin and stay comfortable and dry.

Our slippers are made using offcuts of Rolls Royce car interiors, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality. Rolls Royce only uses the finest materials – and so do we. This ensures that the shearling in our men’s sheepskin lined slippers is soft and durable and always feels wonderful against your skin.

The Best Men’s Sheepskin Slippers?

Our customers regularly ask, “what are the best men’s sheepskin slippers available?” Having tried countless pairs, we can attest to the comfort and softness of every pair we sell.

From our home to yours, men’s genuine sheepskin slippers are a simple and stylish way to upgrade your daily routine and indulge in a daily relaxation ritual.