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When your accessories have meaning, it changes your entire look. By adding a Wayuu handbag or Wayuu tote bag to your outfit, you add a sense of story and elegance that is only possible with unique, handmade textile art.

The Small Home curates a wide selection of Colombian handwoven bags, each woven by members of Colombia’s Indigenous Wayuu tribe. These traditional methods and artistic techniques are passed down from mother to daughter through the generation, imbuing each Wayuu handbag with meaningful provenance. When you choose Wayuu bags and belts, you connect with hundreds of years of heritage and global culture...


You can complement your Wayuu bag with a stunning Wayuu belt, or add a Wayuu bag strap to one of your existing bags for an entirely new look.

Colombian Handwoven Bag

The Wayuu are an Indigigenous tribe who live in Northern Colombia’s desertous Guajira Peninsula. Known as the ‘people of the sun, sand, and wind,’ there are approximately 110,000 – 140,000 Wayuu in the country, with 300,000 more in Venezuela. They bravely survived the Spanish Conquest and many efforts to eradicate their culture, but remain fiercely proud of their heritage and art, including their Wayuu Colombian handwoven bags.

Each Wayuu handbag is hand woven with intricate tribal designs that represent the natural world, including flora, fauna, and the heavens. On average, it can take a woman up to two weeks to weave a Wayuu tote bag - they are true works of art.

We source our Wayuu bags and belts directly from Wayuu women, removing the middlemen and ensuring that they are paid a fair wage for their time, talent, and materials.

Wayuu Tote Bag

Sustainability doesn’t have to be drab or boring. Our Wayuu Tote Bags are a riot of colour and detail, each individually handwoven by skilled Indigenous artisans. Say no to plastic shopping bags and instead remember to grab your Wayuu tote shopping bag as you dash out the door.