End of Line - Women's Sheepskin Moccasins Slippers – Love Birds – Blue/Honey

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Designed by and exclusive to The Small Home.


Each pair of moccasins is lovingly and individually handmade using techniques that have been passed down through generations of a Polish family.

The suede soles are moulded by hand, then hand-stitched to soft sheepskin uppers and hand-embroidered using luxury yarns.

This means that each pair is totally unique and beautifully crafted, showing all the signs of the talented hands that made them.

Please refer to our slipper Design & Process page for further information about how our slippers are made.


When you try on the Moccasins, the fit should initially feel comfortable, but snug, with toes just touching the end of the slipper.

Toes should not be curled under or feel uncomfortable in any way.

At first, the Moccasins (particularly the soles) will feel quite firm, however, within a few wears, the suede and sheepskin will soften and mould to your feet.

If you require any further advice regarding our sizing or the fit of our Moccasins, please refer to our Fit & Size Guide.

Please do note that every pair is made by hand, so this means that slight variations in sizing can sometimes occur.

Uppers – 100% British Sheepskin

Soles – 100% Suede

Embroidery yarns – British rare-bread yarns
Care Instructions
Only to be worn indoors.

Avoid getting them soaking wet.

Gently spot clean using a mild detergent and water.

Not machine washable.