Slim Short Vase – Blush

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Slender and elegant, this vase is ideal for making a stylish statement with a single flower stem or seed heads.



This gorgeous glassware is the result of combining creativity with traditional skills and the latest technology. Available in sculptural shapes and here in the muted colour of antique pink, these vases look attractive with or without flowers.

We recommend mixing and matching the colour palette which works well together. And grouping vases together for maximum impact.


Height 20cm

Diameter 5cm


Handmade in Spain, using exclusively 100% recycled glass without any additives, these vases demonstrate that a high-quality product is perfectly possible using recycled glass.

The recycling process of glass is a clear example of sustainability. The energy saved in recycling 3 bottles is sufficient to charge a smartphone battery for one year.

Each vase is handmade with variations which make it unique, so each vase will differ slightly from the one photographed.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water.