10 reasons why this is the ultimate summer bag

10 reasons why this is the ultimate summer bag

If I could only have one summer bag it would have to be the Wayuu. Here are ten reasons why the Wayuu wins out every time.

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Reason one, they are truly beautiful bags carrying the colour and warmth straight from Colombia where there are woven by hand. 

Wayuu Bags

Reason two, the riot of vibrant colours and intricate designs shows sustainability doesn’t have to be drab or worthy.

Wayuu Bags

Reason three, each design tells a different story of hopes & dreams meaning these handmade textile arts add an unmistakable sense of personal story to an outfit. Part of the pleasure of a Wayuu is choosing the specific blend of colour and design that appeals to you – making each Wayuu a truly personal choice.

Wayuu Bags

Reason four, the Wayuu is extremely versatile, working particularly hard on holidays. It’s so simple to flat pack a couple of different-sized Wayuu bags inside each other in a suitcase.

Wayuu Bags

Reason five, coming in varying sizes means all your holiday needs are covered. For example,

our medium Wayuu duffle makes the perfect handbag for evenings out, it’s roomy enough for essentials – phone, keys, make up, a scarf for when it turns chilly - and stylish enough to add a flourish to your evening outfit.

Small Wayuu Bag

Our large Wayuu duffle slips easily over your shoulder for a trip to the beach; or across your body to keep your hands free for a trip to the local market. It is big enough to be a useful plane carry on - no nylon or plastic options here and no miserable monochrome.

Pink Wayuu Bag

(The extra-large Wayuu work well as overnight or weekend bags)

Wayuu Beach Bag

Reason six, their wide woven strap means an even weight distribution across your shoulder, making the Wayuu super comfortable to wear. The straps are woven in a contrasting pattern to the bag, giving an extra dimension to the overall design.

wayuu bags

Reason seven, they are hand washable! So, you can keep them clean and fresh year after year.

Large Wayuu Bag

Reason eight, buying these bags offers an economic lifeline to the women of the Wayuu tribe and help to preserve their culture and traditions. These traditional skills are handed down from mother to daughter in communities where weaving is highly-respected as a symbol of intelligence and creativity. Read more about the Women of The Wayuu here.

Wayuu Tribe

Reason nine, Wayuu bags have many famous fans such as Katie Perry, Uma Thurman, Kourtney Kardashian, Sienna Miller and Rachel Weisz. We are delighted that Shelly Vella the wonderful fashion director at You Magazine is a great fan of our Wayuu bags.

Celebrities with wayuu bags

Reason ten, the generous tassels on the Wayuu bag are wonderfully tactile and add a feel of fun. I mean - what’s not to love about a tassel or two?

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