Slipper Information - Process & Design

We want you to be delighted with every purchase you make, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for someone special. The following information covers a fit and size guide with FAQ which will help you select the perfect pair.

Design & process


Our moccasins are hand-crafted by families of artisan makers in the beautiful Tatra Mountains who pass their traditional techniques down through the generations.

Based on a classic Polish mountain slipper, reimagined by The Small Home, each unique pair is made from the softest shearling sheepskin, using off-cuts from Rolls Royce car interiors to ensure the highest-grade skins.

The natural materials we use to make our sheepskin slippers are designed to last and offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to fast fashion. Our hand-stitched sheepskin slippers are an everyday luxury suited to slow, mindful living.


We design our own embroidery, taking inspiration from nature. Our birds and flower designs, such as our Allium and Lupin designs, are all exclusive to The Small Home and are hand embroidered using rare-breed, luxury yarns.


Our moccasin soles are handmade from leather using traditional Polish techniques. The unprocessed leather (which is naturally a blue/grey tone) is soaked in a saltwater dilute and then molded to wooden lasts. As the leather dries it becomes firm and forms its shape. They are then cut to shape and small holes (used to sew the soles to the uppers) are made along the top edge by hand.

The soles are then lined either in sheepskin, for the mules, or a wool lining for the full moccasins and boots.

At first, the soles will feel firm, but they will quickly soften and shape to your foot, offering support and customised fit.

Sole care - our soles are very durable but do expect the bottoms to mark with wear, this is characteristic of leather soled slippers. The soles can be gently brushed clean with a specialist suede brush. They should not be worn outside and should not be machine washed.


Our luxurious sheepskin uppers are hand stitched to the leather sole. We use the highest-grade soft sheepskin to offer maximum cosiness and comfort. Our Moccasin slippers are an everyday luxury you can wear all year round since sheepskin naturally helps regulate a steady body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our sheepskins are sourced from a reputable British sheepskin supplier who has the highest animal welfare standards and only uses by-products of the meat industry. We also use sheepskins that are Rolls Royce car interior off-cuts. This guarantees the finest quality sheepskin and re-uses waste from another industry. It also supports British farming which is important to us.

Sheepskin care - Blot any stains immediately, gently wiping in the direction of the sheepskin. Brush the sheepskin occasionally to refresh it and return it to full fluffiness. Avoid brushing the embroidered design as it could detach the British rare-breed yarns. Do air your sheepskin slippers from time to time to maintain freshness.


A sustainable manufacturing path is important to us. We remain committed to our original vision of working with ethical makers who uphold high standards of craftmanship and protect traditional techniques.

The traditional methods employed by our socially-responsible craftspeople don’t involve chemicals and so have a very low environmental impact.

When you receive your Moccasin slippers, they will be beautifully wrapped in recycled paper packaging. We aim to be plastic free and as environmentally responsible as possible.

Each pair of slippers comes in a cream drawstring dust bag made from recycled cotton. This is also useful to keep your slippers clean when travelling.

All of this means that our Moccasin slippers are an everyday luxury which can be enjoyed all the more in the knowledge they have been ethically sourced and produced and you are choosing a high-quality handmade product made from natural materials.


We listen to every bit of customer feedback and do our best to improve the comfort or design of our slippers. We have an ongoing dialogue with our makers about tweaks to improve our current designs. If you have any feedback on or suggestions about our Moccasin slippers, we would love to hear from you.