Our Story

Before launching The Small Home, I worked as a fashion buyer and director for almost 20 years. I really enjoyed my job, but having taken some time-out following the births of my two daughters, I decided that the almost throwaway, mass-produced nature of retail on the high street now held less appeal for me.

I felt there was a real opportunity to develop a much more meaningful brand - one that champions integrity and authenticity above all else.

And so, with this as my guiding philosophy, I set about sourcing a collection of beautifully-crafted interior, lifestyle and clothing pieces, each as individual as the talented people who make them.

The Small Home brand was born!

Our Philosophy

Our edit of carefully chosen artisan products, both useful and beautiful, offers an antidote to the modern-day mind-set of disposability. Our favourite possessions are the ones that stay with us for years to come.

The aesthetic is pared-back and understated. By taking inspiration from the Japanese Wabi Sabi concept – seeing the beauty in imperfections – The Small Home hails the handmade, the natural and the unique.

And, as our name suggests, we don’t believe that size matters.

In fact, we think that less is often more and that’s why we’re committed to supporting small, socially responsible craftspeople and producers.

The result is products with provenance, and artisans with interesting stories to tell.

Through all that The Small Home has to offer, we celebrate simple, life-enhancing pleasures.