A clog lover’s verdict

A clog lover’s verdict

I have always had a thing for clogs. Unfailingly cool, with a bohemian flavour of the 70’s, a beautiful pair of leather clogs gives me extra height for my favourite flares.

When recently out with my sister (and clog aficionado) Alliah, she stopped conversation abruptly mid flow, and literally grabbed the shoes from my feet, enquiring with urgency "Where are these shoes from?!"

I happily informed her that they there were my newest The Small Home product development project/obsession - nailing the ultimate cool-girl clogs, that not only look amazing but are super comfortable and lightweight.

I promised her first dibs on the collection and she made a purchase then and there (to ensure that I didn't forget!).

I was interested in why, the girl with at least 5 pairs of clogs already in her wardrobe, needed these clogs with such urgency.

So here's Alliah's account of why these are her favourite ever clogs.

The clogs in question...

I recently bought the High Heel Clogs in Tan Leather from The Small Home and I cannot rave about them enough!  (shop here)

This is not my first rodeo

I have had my fair share of clogs over the years, I love how hardwearing and versatile they are and these are by far the most comfortable - even though they have quite a high heel.  

The usual problem 

Traditional clog styles can feel quite wide on your feet. This means you have to grip on with your toes when you walk, or get used to them being a bit ‘clompy’ (a technical clog term!). 

The Small Home solution

These clogs honestly feel like they have been made to measure, as the thick soft leather moulds to the shape of your foot.   

Favourable feel, flattering look

The snug fit makes them much more flattering too, which is important when you have rather large feet! I particularly like the soft rounded toe and the nice buckle detailing. 

Goodbye to clattering clogs 

Often, clogs have a brittle plastic sole on the bottom, but these feel like spongy rubber. So, they’re not noisy to walk around in, have a good grip and they feel quite bouncy! 

Lighter clogs mean longer walks

I also can’t believe how light they feel.  Much lighter than other clogs I have worn, even though they have a chunky heel.  Again, this makes them super comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time.

Next on my clog wish list

The Small Home shearling clogs. I will be investing in these next, they look so incredibly cosy! (shop here)


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