Floral Art | The Growing Trend for Dried

Floral Art | The Growing Trend for Dried

I’ve long been a fan of dried flowers, drawn by their subtle sun-faded shades of earthy pink tones and pale silvery neutrals.

I love their varied textures, the papery petals, sculptural seed pods and hazy feathery grasses, which add a natural organic element to any interior.

Dried florals are so versatile. Hang them in fat, generous bunches in the kitchen or weave them into wall art. A wreath of dried florals works wonderfully above a mantlepiece, where fresh flowers or pot plants may well wilt from the fire below.

And being dried, means flowers and grasses can also sit in pretty decorative vessels that are non-watertight such as woven baskets or old terracotta urns.

Nothing sings of summer like a posy of fresh flowers - yet nothing droops more quickly in my sunny south-facing kitchen!

By contrast, dried florals are the ultimate low-maintenance house guests. They need no water or feeding. 

A shelf life of up to three years, makes them a long-lasting and sustainable choice, plus a natural alternative to faux flowers and foliage.

Dried florals fare best in a well-ventilated room, avoiding direct sunlight and humidity. Just give them an occasional dust if you are feeling inclined.

Finally, they make a lovely gift for hay fever sufferers as dried florals don’t trigger hayfever-related allergic reactions.

Where to buy

My three selected suppliers -
Grace & Thorn in east London, tucked around the corner from Columbia Rd Flower Market making it a great Sunday morning excursion.

Blume in south London, my local neighbourhood.

From Victoria in Lewes, East Sussex. I always pop in when I am doing an antiques jaunt in Sussex.

What to choose
My three favourite dried florals -
Dried artichokes

These beautiful round heads with their softened spikes work as a single stem or grouped as heads as decorative objects. The pale apricot tone complements the warmth of terracotta. I have even started drying them myself!

Dried Stipa Feather Grass

 The warm-toned tips of these feathery fronds bring a delicate haze to a corner.

 Dried Babala

These elongated, elegant shapes of Babala add visual height. Their uniform form and shape are pleasingly regular.

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We have a limited stock of rare vintage Africa Terracotta urns - the perfect vessel for displaying dried florals.

 These handmade terracotta urns, sourced from North Africa, were originally used for storing legume or olive oil. Each pot has a unique patina created by years of use.

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