Warm welcomes | Creating homes with heart

Warm welcomes | Creating homes with heart

The lasting impression a home leaves is how it feels. Creating a welcoming home means a space which feels good and appeals to the senses. By engaging our senses, we connect to our surroundings and feel present.

A house with its own sense of ease encourages us to relax. This sense of ease comes from simple sensual luxuries, enjoyed each day. Soft scented candles, soothing chimes, warm wool blankets, velvet cushions, all layer luxury into our living. 

Gestures such as keeping extra sheepskin slippers by the door for visitors to slip into invite guests to feel like part of your family.

A welcoming house is one that makes you feel you are home.

For visitors dropping in it’s a hot cuppa in an artisan mug which is satisfying to hold and warm hands on. Dial it down in the softer light of pure beeswax candles.

Luxury bath rugs add a spa-style feel to your guest bathroom or double as a pretty small bedroom rug; soothing pottery wind chimes sound like the ideal present for those who appreciates calm.

A linen table runner & blush pink napkins soften a wooden table, an array of blush pink vases & small bud vases create a simple yet stunning floral display.

Luxury throws offer a cocoon of cosy; for maximum luxe add a real sheepskin rug for natural warmth & luxury velvet cushions in rich earthy tones.

The gorgeously nostalgic scent of Christmas candles gifts add a festive atmosphere & woven African baskets make thoughtful gifts for plant-loving friends.


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