Living by design, not default

Living by design, not default

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on life and commit to positive changes that can impact the quality of our lives.

I find that ageing is a bit of a dichotomy for women. While our appearance can change (often not for the better), our bodies can start to creak when we move and we have all sorts of hormonal shifts to navigate ... yet despite these things, I think that middle age could be the happiest times of our lives.

As I progress through my 40’s (and head closer to my 50's) I’ve found a way to develop inner confidence and self-worth that seems to grow with each year.

Instead of dreading ageing, I decided to embrace it and live the decades ahead in style, not in decline.

So, a few years ago, I started to visualise the person I want to be in my 50’s and beyond.

I began actively seeing the person I wanted to be in my mind’s eye. 

Creating a powerful vision of how I want my life to unfold, helps to formulate my goals and acts as a powerful motivator, keeping me on track with my lifestyle and wellbeing aims.

For example, I want to climb mountains and ski when I am 70, so I need to look after my body and stay strong. 

I want the energy to run a successful business, look after my family, see my friends …so I need to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep.

As a result, I don’t feel guilty heading off to a yoga class or saying no to an invite when I need an early night, because these actions align with my wellbeing values.

bedroom styling

Having this vision has also strengthened my sense of style. I rarely get drawn into a fad unless it aligns with my fashion values – pieces which are timeless, natural, high quality, comfortable, elegant.

Now I have the confidence to invest in ‘forever pieces’ for my wardrobe and home. 

Lace Trim Camisole

Each season I purchase a few items of clothing, none of which are bought on a whim, all of which I expect to be wearing in ten years’ time and all can be easily worn with my current wardrobe.

This idea of living by design, and not by default, has been profoundly powerful. It helps me to make daily decisions that edit back life and focus on being the person I want to be.

When we are young it is easy to postpone our aspirations and ideals by telling ourselves we will do them when we have more time, or more money.

These days I regularly remind myself ‘it’s now or never!’

Today is the time for me to be the person that I’ve always wanted to be.


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