Skiing SOS – Send Our Slippers!

Skiing SOS – Send Our Slippers!

As far as footwear goes, these two pairs are poles apart. One belongs to the great outdoors and the world of adrenaline sports, the other belongs to the great indoors and the slow cosy comforts of home. One is as hard as the other is soft...

The contrast is blissful! I love skiing, it offers much that I relish: beautiful scenery, clean bracing air, vigorous exercise and thanks to attempting (!) those black runs, a feel-good flow of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

But there's no denying it can be hard on the feet. After a rigorous day on the slopes, nothing feels as rewarding as wrestling off rigid ski boots and sinking into sumptuous sheepskin. This is perfect first aid for feet which are cold, throbbing or ski-boot sore.

Anyone who has ever hit the slopes will be familiar with the Skiing SOS – Send Our Slippers! In fact, they are as essential to a happy week as sun factor or ski goggles.

Soft slippers are essential apres-ski. They are the first thing to reach for (yes, even before the Vin Chaud!) when you get back to the chalet. Your feet and toes will love you for letting them stretch and unfurl after being held hostage in a boot.

Plus they save you from padding around puddles of melted snow in your socks. 

This year I will pack our Venus Mules. Like all our slippers they're flexible & lightweight, so easy to pack in their cotton travelling bag.

sheepskin slippers

The Venus Mules will team perfectly with cashmere loungewear and silk base layers which is what I will wear in the evening (after a long soak to revive newly-discovered aching muscles).

Slippers maybe the first thing I sling into the case, but they are swiftly followed by this cosy survival kit which covers all the style you’ll need on and off the slopes. 

sheepskin hot water bottle

Wool socks: these thick cosy socks crafted by Nishiguchi Kutsushita, have a pleasing knitted texture that offers lasting comfort.

Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle: I don't seem to go anywhere without my trusty hot water bottle these days!

sheepskin gilet

Sheepskin gilets: warm, stylish layering - without feeling bundled up. A useful and versatile piece for travelling too.

sheepskin hat

Sheepskin mittens: forget endless fastenings and toggles, these cosy mittens are easy to pull off and on in a ski resort.

Sheepskin trapper hat or cashmere beanie: cosy comfort for your head and ears, the stylish way to stay warm.

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