Small rug style – Scatter liberally

Small rug style – Scatter liberally

Freshen up a winter-worn interior with our new collection of small handwoven rugs.

In pared-back tones - think pink, stone and truffle - these small rugs bring colour and texture into all rooms of the home. 

Knotted, tufted, tasselled, ruffled and dotted, they are pleasingly tactile underfoot.

Individually hand-loomed, using cotton yarn derived from offcuts of the Portuguese garment industry, means they are sustainably produced.

They machine wash beautifully, so relax and use them as bathroom mats and high-traffic areas.

Scatter them liberally for the simplest spring refresh.

pale pink bath mat

bath mats

Pale palette

From pretty delicate shades, think cream, shell pink and coral; to warm earthy tones, think stone, sahara and truffle; and greys, from pale to charcoal, these neutral tones work with what you already have.

bath mat

bath mat

Sliver of design 

From the knotted designs which massage your feet as you step out of the bath; to the diamond-shaped tufting on our new pink and cream mat; to the contrasting-coloured fringing on the woven-textured mat, these small rugs introduce quiet decoration, use as a bath mat, or a bedside rug. Use to zone an area or add interest to a dull space or to soften a cold corner.

small rug

Totally textured

Knotted, tufted, tasselled, ruffled and dotted, these small rugs are pleasingly tactile underfoot and their handwoven organic feel adds a pleasing textural depth to an interior.

small bedroom rug

Sustainable style

Individually hand-loomed following traditional Portuguese techniques, and made using a smooth cotton-based yarn derived from the discarded offcuts of the garment industry in Portugal, means these small rugs are sustainably produced.

Scatter liberally

They wash beautifully meaning you can relax and use them as bathroom mats and in high-traffic areas knowing these hard-wearing pieces will refresh well. With rugs starting at £20, it is simple to splash out on a spring refresh.


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