Sofa Spotlight | Style hacks

Sofa Spotlight | Style hacks

At no other time of year does the sofa take the spotlight more than at Christmas.

In fact, there are few festive events which don’t take place on your sofa: unwrapping presents; hosting friends and relatives; family time with a Christmas film and a tin of Quality Street; somewhere to slump after forgetting the strength of your brother-in-law’s traditional knockout cocktails; a place to snooze after the longest lunch of the year.

At Christmas, the sofa is the best seat in the house. But what if your sofa isn’t up to scrutiny? 

The sofa is a big-ticket purchase that happens only occasionally in a lifetime. Bought over 15-years ago, it’s safe to say our sofa is no spring chicken!

Yet, with some clever styling, even the most threadbare, sagging sofa can be overhauled to look and feel festively fabulous. 

Once you feel how cosy and luxurious a pimped sofa can be, you will keep it this way long into 2024. Plus, if you switch up the colour and textures of the throws and cushions you use, you can enjoy a budget-friendly sofa refresh every season.

Equally, if your sofa is new and in mint condition, the linen throws protect it from the worst excesses of clumsy relatives, excited children and messy dogs, and saves you from spending Christmas nervously hovering with a kitchen roll to hand! 

Step-by-step guide to sofa styling.

Start by transforming your sofa using large linen throws. Place a linen throw over the sofa back, and tuck in a second throw over the seat cushions. This turns your sofa into a blank canvas and hides anything less than perfect.

Next, a large sheepskin rug draped along the sofa back, and a sheepskin rug over each sofa arm, gives a deliciously sumptuous feel and protects your sofa from sticky fingers.

Gable cushions are extra-large cushions which provide support you can sink into. Add velvet cushions on either side and layer them for cosy depth. Play with a range of muted tones and textures for an interesting yet cohesive look.

A wool throw within easy reach invites you to relax. Snuggling under a cosy blanket is great for: family bonding; for delivering extra TL for anyone feeling under the weather; or for those feeling overwhelmed and in need of breathing space during the busy festive period. 

Finally, make sure there is a coffee table close by for drinks, candles and decorations; or for putting your feet up to admire your slippers!


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