Stylish Summer | Fashion Clinic

Stylish Summer | Fashion Clinic

Summer is full of style conundrums, the outcomes of which can make the difference between feeling our best stylish selves, or feeling dowdy and dated.

We all have that outfit which encapsulates exactly how we want to look and feel: when we wear it, we relax.

But what if, with a few tweaks, you always felt your most stylish self?

With warmer weather on the way, here are The Small Home’s 10 stress-free solutions to common fashion problems that mean you can relax into a more stylish summer. 

What to wear to summer drinks, dinner parties or garden parties?

A show stopping dress is the solution for those summer events when you need to make an effort. Our long floaty maxi dresses work hard, so that you can relax. In graphic prints and bold colours that really draws the eye (plus camouflages any creases from travelling or sitting.) They come in cool cotton, with practical pockets, and are by a French designer lifestyle brand (for full fashion bragging rights!) Wear them loose or with our Sailor’s Belt, depending on your vibe; and on or off-the-shoulder as day progresses to night. 

When the dress code is wearing ‘jeans and a nice top’.

This bright off-the-shoulder cotton top fits the bill for when your girlfriends say they are wearing jeans and a nice top. With a statement sleeve, graphic print and on/off the shoulder option, it can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires. It works perfectly with a pair of jeans (mine here are by @motherdenim) and suggests just the right amount of effort.

When you want an elegant cover up by the beach or poolside (rather than hiding behind a towel)

Our Rhodes dress is a chic summer cover up, with neon detailing, which nails intentional relaxed dressing. Comfortable, loose and lightweight in 100% hand-loomed organic cotton, it’s easy to slip on and easy to dress up if required. Consider this summer 2023’s take on a Kaftan.

When you are still turning up with a ‘Bag for Life’ and want something more grown up and environmentally-friendly to cart your picnic or beach stuff.

A Wayuu shopper is a hero accessory, hugely practical and generous enough to work for a beach holiday or city break. Each one is a unique piece of textile art, with the wonderful handwoven design and colour choices making it a scene-stealer. Unlike the ‘Bag for Life’ the Wayuu shopper is not plastic, plus its beautiful handiwork and eco-credentials really makes it a bag for life.

When you are ready to switch up your ubiquitous camo crossbody strap for something more individual.

Grab a medium or large Wayuu bag. Each is unique so that your bag will be the only one in the world with that exact design and colourway. With a broad comfortable crossbody strap made out of natural materials, once you wear this, you won’t give your nylon camo strap a backward glance.

When you want to feel 10% more stylish without stepping out of your comfort zone.

A sailor’s belt is one of those clever accessories that separates the fashion forward from fashion followers. You see it on someone and think ‘doesn’t that look great?!’ Try it in cream for discreet design, or in jaunty red to make a statement. 

When you are tired of Converse but feel a pair of Crocs isn’t quite for you.

Summer’s fashion footwear is the clog. Wearing a pair of clogs gives instant initiation into the Cool Girls’ Club. It's surprising just how funky a pair of clogs can make you feel. (I have my sister Alliah to thank for converting me!) And for those with comfort at the forefront of their minds - worry not - we have low-heeled clogs and clogs with straps, all with comfort as standard, so you can walk or stand confidently and comfortably.

When you don't have the energy to make a huge effort.

Jewellery is my go-to for when I want to feel stylish but I don’t have the energy (or time) to make a huge effort. My personal signature is to mix and match unique, handmade artisan jewellery, which invariably gets friends leaning in for a closer look.

When you want to zhuzh up what you already have.

These natural or vintage artisan necklaces come in an array of colours and textures to suit what’s already in your wardrobe. Choose your new accessories by colour, by texture, or mix them up to create an ensemble. We have eye-popping scarlets, corals, greens and tangerines or more earthy tones of cream, bone and natural. Consider this a glamorous and grown up version of Pick n Mix!

Not forgetting my summer staple - the basket bag

My go-to bag every summer! When you need something easy and neutral, for shopping and going to the beach. So easy to style and throw everything into... the brilliant basket bag.




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