Luxury Sheepskin Seat Pad – Pure Ivory


Why settle for a hard wooden chair when you can sink luxurious sheepskin? long-haired sheepskin seat pads in pure ivory? These premium sheepskin seat pads will effortlessly transform your work chair or kitchen chair into a cosy haven you won't want to leave.


Sourced from New Zealand, a country with the world's highest Globe Animal Protection Index, all skins are a bi-product of pastoral farming where sheep are raised outdoors for meat. Minimal chemicals are used in the tanning process. Sustainable forms of energy, including solar power, recycled heat and natural gas are used to reduce emissions during production.
37cm x 60cm
100% Sheepskin
Care Instructions
Natural sheepskin is durable & robust, it even repels dirt!

For best care shake & dry vacuum your rug regularly. Attend to spills & stains promptly. Do not rub, brush or massage wool skin products when damp or wet.

Hand wash cool using a mild detergent and dry flat.