Round Vintage Gold Locket Necklace

£120.00 £150.00

An intricate vintage locket and chain made from rolled gold.



This round locket is made from rolled gold. Rolled gold is a hybrid material consisted of gold that's mechanically bonded to brass or copper. The thickness of the gold can vary but it is generally at least 5% of the total metal weight. Unlike most costume jewellery metals, rolled gold us hypoallergenic and should no cause any problems for anyone with skin sensitivities. Unlike gold plated, rolled gold is a durable option that is unlikely to tarnish or discolour with time.
Care Instructions
We advise applying any cosmetics and scents before you put on this necklace as it can cause corrosion. Chlorinated and salt water will cause tarnishing, therefore we advise you remove it before taking a dip! Storing your jewellery in an air tight bag will help to keep it in great condition, as will wrapping it in acid-free tissue or simply keeping it in its original packaging.