Giant Stubby – Boxed pairs of 100% Pure Beeswax Candles


Our pairs of hand-dipped, English, beeswax candles, bring a beautiful warm light to a room, filling it with the delicate scent of honey.

The burn of beeswax is natural and clean, removing pollutants and odours from the air.


Our candles are made in Cumbria using the traditional candle-making technique of hand dipping. This time-consuming process involves repeatedly dipping wicks – hung from a frame – into molten wax, gradually building up each candle layer by layer. To make even a narrow candle may take around 15 dippings – with time allowed for each layer to cool before applying the next.

Natural beeswax can range from a creamy white to bright yellows, oranges and even dark browns. The colour is determined, in part, to how much the wax has been filtered and to the flowers which the bees have been foraging on. Our candles are made in England and the colours vary between a creamy white to dark amber.
Giant Stubby – H 20 x 4.5cm at base
100% English beeswax
Care Instructions
Trim the wicks after each use