Stoneware Wind Chimes


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Simple stoneware hanging chimes in an unglazed, matte ivory finish.

These handmade sculptural chimes are sold in single strands of disks. If you want them to make a delicate 'chime' as they catch the breeze we recommend that you buy more than one strand.

They come in 4 variations – 3 discs, 5 discs, 7 discs and 9 discs. The 4 variations look fabulous as a set.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.


Chimes are made of stoneware clay and are fired to 2232 degrees. Every batch is unique, making every chime unique!
Chime pieces are approx. 8cm diameter and hang approximately 2.5cm inch apart, with an additional 100cm of twine for hanging at the top.
Care Instructions