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Browse our sustainable homeware collection.
Add soft velvet cushions to your sofa and handwoven baskets to shelves.
Bring beautifully simple handmade ceramics and washed table linen to your table.
Enjoy bath rituals with our collection of natural and organic wellness products.

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Browse our collection of ethically produced footwear, accessories, clothing and jewellery. Including heirloom Mohinders City Slippers, Columbian Wayuu bags and gold jewellery made to treasure.



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Even the smallest home can be a stylish and comfortable retreat from the outside world. The Small Home focuses on thoughtful objects that are as beautiful as they are useful, handcrafted by skilled artisans and ethically sourced. By adding a few simple touches, like luxury cushions or hand dipped beeswax candles, you can transform the look and feel of any space...


Handmade Homewares UK

With just a few modern home accessories, you can completely revitalise your interior design. If your home feels tired or out of date, it’s time to bring unique and interesting home objects back into your life. Your sustainable homeware should bring you a sense of joy and purpose, filling your home with tranquillity and hand-crafted beauty.

That’s why The Small Home is so proud to be one of the best home decor websites in the country - we source and curate the handmade housewares UK customers love.

We believe in ‘buying once and buying best.” High-quality luxury home accessories help you discover the joy of a sustainable lifestyle while supporting global artists with a fair wage. It’s time that we all said goodbye to fast fashion and mass-produced homeware gifts. Instead, it’s time to focus on modern home accessories that are imbued with care and ethical beauty.

There’s a special kind of pride that comes from surveying your home and seeing unique home accessories that you know have been sourced and created with care. The Small Home’s natural home accessories are sustainable, ethical, and fairly sourced, so you can always feel good about your purchases.

Artisan Homeware UK

At the Small Home, we love bringing elements of nature indoors, filling handwoven African baskets with potted plants and clustering bud vases filled with fresh posies. We carry a wide array of artisan homeware UK customers love - it helps you slow down, take a deep breath, and admire the simpler things in life.

The beauty of our handmade goods and sustainable homeware endlessly inspires us, helping to create a warm sanctuary that feels safe and separate from the outside world. We also know that unique home accessories make the best homeware gifts, perfect as hostess gifts or for any special occasion.