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Browse our sustainable homeware collection.
Add soft velvet cushions to your sofa and handwoven baskets to shelves.
Bring beautifully simple handmade ceramics and washed table linen to your table.
Enjoy bath rituals with our collection of natural and organic wellness products.

Woman & Wellbeing

Browse our collection of ethically produced footwear, accessories, clothing and jewellery. Including heirloom Mohinders City Slippers, Columbian Wayuu bags and gold jewellery made to treasure.

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Browse our selection of handmade bags and accessories, including hand crocheted colourful Wayuu bags, belts and straps.

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Woman & Wellbeing

All Woman & Wellbeing

Handwoven Bags and Bandana Face Masks

Useful, beautiful, and ethical, The Small Home curates an exceptional collection of bags and accessories that complement any outfit. Our collection of unique handwoven bags includes shopping totes, pouch clutch bags, and small cross body bags women love to wear.

For those of you that keep forgetting the newly obligatory face mask, our block printed bandana scarves are the perfect practical and elegant solution. Coordinate a bandana neck scarf with your daily outfit and switch it to a bandana face mask when necessary. Feeling whimsical? Knot a bandana face mask around your ponytail for a hair bandana scarf that always draws compliments...


Panama Straw Hats

Shield your face from the sun in style with our Panama straw hats. A Panama straw hat's wide brim protects your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Even better, it also helps regulate your body temperature and shade your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare. We have hunted high and low for the best Panama straw hat, and our handwoven Columbian Panama hat is a winner, suiting most head shapes and sizes!

Wayuu Bags

Handwoven by women in Colombia’s Wayuu indigenous tribe, our Wayuu bags are bright, beautiful, and one of a kind. Each of our Colombian hand woven bags is crafted by artisan women with knowledge passed down from mother to daughter. More than a fashion statement, Wayuu bags are a labour of love and a work of art.

Complement your Wayuu bags with one of our handmade Wayuu belts, or transform an existing handbag with a Wayuu bag strap.

Tote Shopping Bags UK

Reduce your carbon footprint in style. As functional as they are fashionable, we carry an array of tote shopping bags UK customers love for their daily errands. Choose from bright colours or a more subdued palette - our tote shopping bags are sure to become a useful and beautiful staple in your daily life.