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Enjoy bath rituals with our collection of natural and organic wellness products.

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Browse our collection of ethically produced footwear, accessories, clothing and jewellery. Including heirloom Mohinders City Slippers, Columbian Wayuu bags and gold jewellery made to treasure.

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Woman & Wellbeing

All Woman & Wellbeing

Organic Beauty Products UK

As a lifestyle brand, The Small Home believes that health and wellbeing is the most important pillar to a happy life. We have sought out the best holistic health brands and best organic beauty products UK -based that we ourselves use.

We believe that wellness products and holistic beauty go hand in hand – when you feel your best, you look great and have the energy to thrive. After all, holistic beauty is all about treating your entire body with carefully crafted products, including organic loose leaf herbal teas, herbal tinctures, luxury face oils and relaxing bath soaks...


Since discovering Amly Botanicals, producers of clean organic beauty products UK wide, The Small Home team are hooked on their products. Amly believe in natural, botanical-based skin care that is grounded in science. Their collection of nourishing organic face oils and exquisite essential oil face mists and balms leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated. Say hello to your new fresh and youthful glow.

Holistic Health

Steep a cup of organic loose leaf tea, explore organic herbal remedies, and light a stick of meditation incense for a deeply relaxing holistic health experience.

Relaxation and Wellness

At the end of a long day, relaxation and wellness is more important than ever. Your relaxation and wellness ritual can be as simple as savouring a cup of organic loose leaf tea, and as decadent as a full body spa ritual and luxury bath soaks. Add Wilder Botanics’s luxury bath oils to the tub, put your hair up, light our relaxing scented tealights for a calming relaxation and wellness experience in the comfort of your own home.