Haeckels is a natural fragrance and skin care brand with skin, hair and body products that are a work of love; a love of natural ingredients, a love of design and quality but ultimately a love of the heritage of coastal living. All products are formulated in their cliff top Lab in Margate, UK, where they only use and distill locally growing botanicals that offer the very best properties. They hold one of only two licenses in England to harvest seaweed from the English coast, taking great pride in having a responsibility to care for the coastline, to clean it and to monitor it just like any other farmer in the world. Margate’s coast is genuinely unique: built on a giant 14 mile long Jurassic chalk reef which makes up 20% of the UK chalk reefs which means its able to nourish families of seaweed not found anywhere else in the world. Hand harvested Seaweed forms the base ingredient of all the skin care range for its naturally revitalizing qualities. All products are tested on themselves, no animals, so every product is created with love and a surety of quality and performance. Margate and its surrounding areas are places of genuine raw natural beauty, boosting the notion to go out and explore a natural landscape which is filled with hidden beauty and raw potency.


Still ethical is the brainchild of Sophie Mason, an east London based designer passionate about antique and hand-crafted textiles. Over the last decade this passion has lead her to build up strong relationships with artisans in India and Nepal. Working directly with weavers, knitters, embroiderers and farmers growing organic cotton and indigo, she creates unique handmade clothing and often vintage inspired knitwear.


Mourne Textiles is a family-run design-led manufacturer of hand woven products based in County Down, Northern Ireland. For three generations their master weavers have produced the mid-century visions of Norwegian design pioneer and founder, Gerd Hay-Edie, using high-quality custom-spun yarns. Now led by Gerd’s grandson Mario Sierra, Mourne Textiles offers a range of contemporary home furnishings inspired by a rich weaving heritage.


Hampson Woods began with a love of wood, and it has always been key to our products - it's hard to improve on a beautiful grain or a twist that nature has thrown at us.

We produce our designs on a considered scale, and with a quality often forgotten in this day and age. Making by hand ensures a very fine finish, and the results are simple and elegant pieces that will last forever - good to enough to pass down the generations, honest and striking enough to do justice to the tree that they grew within.


Sue Ure designs and makes a range of  vases and tableware with distinctive clean lines and a wide palette of soft but vibrant matt glazes. She has been influenced by artifacts both ancient and modern: captivated by ancient Minoan ceramics and growing up in a very mid-century home with furniture and ceramics that are now recognised as design classics.

Sue has also worked with museums and for Tate Enterprises, who have ordered collections for their exhibition shops on several occasions. The ware is all hand-thrown using a blend of white stoneware and porcelain and is made in her workshop in south-west France, where she has lived since leaving London twenty years ago.


Launched Spring 2014, Alfie Douglas is a unique English accessories brand built around a family and their individual creative instincts. With clean-cut lines and simple colour design, the Alfie Douglas aesthetic is a minimalist’s design dream. The family-run brand produces leather bags and accessories made in their own studios near London, England. The leathers are sourced from England and Italy, vegetable tanned and finished by hand. 


Throughout my time studying for a degree in Furniture: Design and Craftsmanship, I was continually driven and inspired by a passion for materials, simple visual forms and the making processes.

It's those 3 things that I try to instil within my work, aiming to create useful objects that will fit into people's lives in ways which are unique to them. 

Working out of a small workshop in Lincolnshire, I use mainly English hardwoods and create all my work entirely by hand; therefore maintaining the integrity that natural materials provide.


Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design, Forest-and-Found create products that celebrate craftsmanship in the modern home. Each naturally dyed quilt and hand carved spoon shares a strong relationship with the natural environment from which they forage their materials to work with. Their designs centre around functionality and utility with each product made to be used and lived with. The act of handcrafting ensures each item is of a quality to be handed down from generation to generation, destined to become the heirlooms of the future.


Founded upon friendship, love and creativity our brand is certainly a family affair. Exotic conceptual detailing meets intrinsically British roots. We have lived a life less ordinary filled with enough family stories of adventure and exploration to last a life time over.

For Cabinet’s founder Gemma Critchley, the brand was a natural evolution of her lifelong affinity for collecting. Spending much of her childhood in the West Indies where her parents lived for nearly 20 years, she grew fascinated with the continually changing life and colour both above and below the surface of the crystal clear ocean. Cabinet’s Somerset studio encapsulates the brand, filled with all of the wonderful old and eclectic pieces that inspire new collections. We take pride in the skilled trade’s people we work with, producing all of our gold and silversmith work in the UK, ensuring quality craftsmanship and execution of our designs.