Hemp Stole Scarf - Japanese Blue


This generous unisex scarf can be enjoyed all year around... light, natural and elegant on the shoulders or around the neck. Hemp will keep you warm in the winter but its cool touch will make it cool enough to wear in the summer. A versatile scarf that you wont want to leave the house without.


This gauze is a veil of pure hemp that has a unique volume, suppleness and drape. Weaving, dyeing and finishing made in France. Hemp is an elegant and durable fibre that only gets better with time and washes.
220cm x 120cm
100% pure hemp, high quality combed long fibres. 0% dyeing - Guarantee of healthy linen: our unique dyeing and finishing process is carried out without any endocrine disruptors, toxic, irritant or allergenic products.
Care Instructions
Easy care: hot wash (60°), tumble dryer recommended. Do not iron to keep its embossed appearance. Does not shrink.