Confessions of a basket case

Confessions of a basket case

When recently showing friend, and The Small Home ‘sensible-head’, Helen our spring collection she commented in her usual dry (and sensible) tone, ‘Nice, but what’s with all the baskets?’ 

Thinking that everyone shared my slight obsession with baskets, I replied, ‘I know there’s a few of them, but they are all gorgeous… and all so different!’ 

They obviously weren’t different at all and I was forced to have a quiet word with myself and (reluctantly) cull a few baskets from the range.

Reader….my name is Ayshea and it turns out I have a bit of a basket obsession, and despite having a home (and business) full of baskets, I cannot pass a market stall or shop with a wicker display without going in for a little stroke (and often a purchase).

While I ponder the need for some sort of basket therapy, I reassure myself that as far as addictions go, this isn’t likely to harm my health, or that of others… and in fact basket weavers around the world are likely to benefit from my basketry compulsion.

There are many reasons why I am basket-crazy. African baskets are unique woven works of art, their intricate designs adding pattern and colour to a room.

Handwoven from fibres such as buriti, raffia and sisal, these beautiful weaves introduce interesting and natural textures to your home.

African woven baskets also carry layers of meaning and tradition, bringing an interesting backstory to sustainable storage.


Finally, African weave baskets are practical and versatile, used for so many purposes from containing plants, to holding keys and hiding loo rolls.

So, for any other basket cases out there, here are a few of my personal favourites! 

Hanging baskets

Being a true lover of baskets, I look for every opportunity to make them versatile, I hang them from my shoulder, from hooks or pegboards, curtain rails or picture rails.

Our Kraho Basket makes a unique summer shoulder bag, instead of storing it in a cupboard when not in use, stick a plant in it and hang it in your bedroom. 

Likewise, our generously sized Cross Body Basket, doubles as a brilliant plant hanger.

Covered Storage 

Banish clutter into beautiful lidded baskets. Our Motorohina Knob Baskets are unique pieces woven from titica vine and hand-painted.


These small Kenyan baskets are the perfect size for storing all manner of household items. I use them for small house plant, a single loo roll, next-to-bed storage (mine has my kindle, hand cream, eye-mask and earplugs!)


The calming repetition of weave, created by hand from natural sisal in a regular grid-like pattern, imperfectly perfect and wonderfully tactile. A piece of art, in basket form.

Our traditional Yanomami Baskets with gently-rounded bottoms are perfectly suited to hanging baskets.

Colourful & textured

The soft and modern colour palette brings warmth to a room and the pleasing textures invite you to touch.


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