Making Kin | Mother’s Day Gift Sets

Making Kin | Mother’s Day Gift Sets

Mothering takes many forms and I am grateful to the many strong women who have played a maternal role in my life. 

From teachers, to bosses, to friends, female relatives, to my sisters and of course, my own mother; women have provided, in ways big and small, love, support and guidance.

I have been educated by women, nurtured by them, cared for by them and consoled by them. They have mothered me.

Mothering is far more than the relationship between women and their daughters; it encompasses ‘kin building’, the connections women make with other women, which create networks of care and weave webs of support.

I had many different mother figures when I was growing up, aside from my own biological mother; Sharon Norman, Judith Mould, Sarah Hopkins... to name just a few. These women welcomed me into their homes and treated me like I was one of their own, on the vague recommendations of their daughters (my friends), despite barely knowing me. I sincerely hope that I am as generous and open-minded to my children’s ‘lost friends’ in the future.

It is with mothering in mind that I created The Small Home Gift Sets. These new gift sets for women are a way to show gratitude; to nurture the nurturers; and to thank those whose reliable acts of care and kindness, which - especially as children – sometimes go unnoticed, but are always, always felt.

Luxury gift sets for women

In turn, our Luxury Gift Sets seek to add small pleasures to a day, in ways which can be easy to overlook, but are always, always felt. 

Perhaps it’s the calming cuppa in a pleasing artisan ceramic mug; or sinking into the softest sheepskin slippers which signals you are home and ready to relax.

Presented in beautiful, elegant packaging, these gift sets are as joyful to give, as they are to receive and offer the perfect way to celebrate mothering in all its forms. 

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Luxury Slipper Box is the gift box for her which contains a sumptuous pair of our signature slippers, a sea salt candle, luxury matches and finished with a hand calligraphy gift tag say 'So you don't get cold feet'. This is the ideal gift box for women who need reminding to rest.

Luxury Slipper gift box set

Our Luxury Tea Box (also known as our 'Put the Kettle on Gift Box'), infuses everyday wellness rituals with significance and makes them special. This gift box for women contains a beautiful artisan Brickett Davda mug and Wilder Botanics Calm Tea to encourage even the busiest amongst us to enjoy a mindful break.

Tea and Mug Gift Set

Our Organic Helping Hands Gift Box is for anyone whose hands help to make the lives of others lighter and brighter. This pamper gift box for her includes luxury hand cream, an organic hand wash made in small batches by our favourite holistic skincare brand Organic Alchemist, and a handloom hand towel, to transform a daily chore into a soothing act of selfcare.

Luxury hand care gift set

Luxury Bath Box is an at-home spa experience, including a generous Hammam towel, relaxing baths salts and Calm Balm, and makes a relaxing pamper gift box for those who enjoy restorative rituals.

Luxury Bath Gift Set

Luxury Incense Box is a thoughtful gift for her which contains a handmade incense holder, incense bundles and luxury matches, and helps create outer calm for those craving inner peace.

Luxury Incausa Incense Gift Set


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