Creating KPOW | Emily Barletta

Creating KPOW | Emily Barletta

Bring some fun to our feet – was our design challenge for artist Emily Barletta. The result was KPOW - our luxury leather slides created with good times in mind. 

These women’s leather KPOW mules with their bold design and striking colours have plenty of let’s party attitude!

Talented New York-based Emily (accompanied by her faithful rescue chihuahua Albie) collaborated on these fun summer shoes that pack a style punch.

Here, Emily tells us about herself and the process of designing slides with superpowers.

How would you describe yourself?

I live in Hudson Valley upstate NY, with Albie my rescue chihuahua mutt, and my house plants. I’m learning to garden and really enjoy growing things. I keep a studio in my home so I can pick up and work whenever I feel like it

How did you discover sewing on paper?

I’m an artist with a focus on tiny details and stitches. I grew up embroidering and doing cross stitching. In college I studied fibres and experimented with different mediums. I tried paper and was immediately hooked!

What are your sources of inspiration?

Mostly nature at this point. I left the city a year ago and moved to the country. I live near a state park where I walk daily and take photos of the plants and animals.

What draws you to the colour red?

I’m not afraid of colour and have always been obsessed with lipstick colours – maybe being a child of the 80s!  As an adult, my trademark red is my connection to my body; my blood and guts.

How did you choose the colours of the KPOW slides?

I am drawn to reds and pinks so that part was easy. And I like designs that are graphically dramatic; or have a little bling which is why contrasting the pink with black worked so well. I also wanted to do a pair in gold which seemed to contrast best with my trademark red.

What were the challenges of working on the KPOW leather slides?

The most challenging part was working with the colours and transforming my visual ideas into a finished product whilst keeping in mind the overall The Small Home aesthetic. I love the result and can’t wait to wear them!

What are your plans for the future?

I’m going to keep making art. You can always see what I’m up to on my Instagram page @emily_barletta

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