Rising stars & superstars

Rising stars & superstars

Shared moments in slippers are my favourite family times. In slippers, I feel my best self; relaxed, at ease, ready to play. 

My slipper self is my softer self; the one who makes time to read the paper, enjoy my book, savour my coffee. 

Making time for me seems to create space for those I love. 


This me enjoys chats with my girls; listens to the weaving ins and outs of their (often long) stories (without wanting to hurry them along!).

This me packs my slippers when I visit my sisters - in anticipation of relaxed conversations (or gloriously comfortable silence); shared moments which fortify me.

My aim this autumn is to make more time for these precious slipper moments. 

We designed our new Estrella slippers with these moments in mind and chose the name Estrella as it means star & divine strength.

Estrella celebrates those women who are the stars of their show, who keep everything and everyone going. 

Supportive super mums, super step mums, super sisters, super teachers, and superstar friends who reach out, just when you need help the most. 

There’s something snuggly for our rising stars too...

Lucky Star is the super-cute mini version so that mothers & daughters, aunts & nieces, grannies & granddaughters or best friends can match in the same pretty stellar design.

Do I have more time for slow conversations, for catching up with their weeks and hearts when I am wearing my slippers? It certainly seems so.

Happy Autumn 


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