The skinny on our slippers

The skinny on our slippers

We like to keep you up to speed with the world of slippers so here’s some fun facts about: how we name our slippers, new designs coming in time for Christmas, recent improvements to our slippers, plus we reveal the member of The Small Home team we have successfully converted from slipper hater into slipper lover!

Here’s the skinny on The Small Home slippers.

Fact One: A star is born

We think hard about names for our new slippers. I have an instinct for a name and then run it by the team. Names on the shortlist for our new star-design slippers were Stellar, Starlight & Supernova! But Estrella was the clear winner – it’s Spanish for star and means divine strength which, for me, celebrated strong female role models. We were unanimous in liking Lucky Star, the name of our children’s slippers. Who doesn’t want to give someone small the gift of warm toes and a sprinkling of luck?!

Fact Two: A twinkle in my eye

Our new Estrella slippers & mini-versions, Lucky Star, means mums & daughters, grannies & grandchildren, godmothers & goddaughters, sisters & cousins, can all wear matching slippers. I love wearing Estrella, whilst Amelie & Maggie wear their pairs of Lucky Star. We match! I will be gifting my mum, sisters and nieces matching slippers for a full family affair.

Fact Three: More new designs coming

We have Angel Trumpet & Lotus slippers, both designs inspired by Nature, coming soon. The hand embroidery on these designs is more intricate and involved (therefore more labour-intensive which costs us more) but we love the result!

Fact Four: Sole love (you told us, we responded)

Some of you didn’t love the colour of the untreated grey leather sole on our slippers, so we’ve upgraded it for a beige one. This softer-toned sole is achieved using a natural dying process (which is time-consuming and more costly to achieve) but the result is even more in keeping with The Small Home aesthetic. We hope you agree.


Fact Five: Women supporting women 

One of our artisan makers, Grazyna, started making slippers because she needed to work from home to take care of her children. Running The Small Home around my two girls, means I am keen to support other working mums. Grazyna says: ‘I enjoy working with The Small Home very much…I am happy that my slippers are sold in the UK and I like it when customers are satisfied. I get a lot of kind words about my slippers.’

Fact Six: Paying a fair wage

Grazyna and her family have raised their prices to us (they set their own wages) because of increases in their costs of production, materials, storage and shipping. We are happy to pay for their high-quality work and craftsmanship.Grazyna has been making slippers for 30 years and her experience means she has perfected the art of making a pair of handmade slippers in 1.5 hours. (It would take me at least 1.5 days to make one shoe!) 

Fact Seven: Slipper submission

Helen, our Head of Operations, once told me that I would NEVER convert her into becoming a slipper wearer… I don’t like to gloat (much) but let’s just say she is probably wearing her blue Estrella’s right now! Helen explains: ‘I have never worn slippers as I felt sloppy & untidy in them. My daughter is best friends with Ayshea’s daughter, and one Christmas, Ayshea kindly gave my daughter a pair of slippers. They were gorgeous! I started to relent on my anti-slipper stance. I tried the shearling leather mules (which felt more like a shoe), progressed to a Rhubarb mule and now am totally converted to my Estrella full Moccasins – I love that they are cosy and don’t lose their shape, so I never feel like a slob (even when I am being one!)

Fact Eight: Stain proofing and slipper grooming

Use suede protective spray to extend the life of your slippers and make them resistant to any water splashes (but don’t spray the sheepskin obviously!) The sheepskin looks even better after a little spruce-up with a hairbrush - Mason Pearson is my fur brush of choice! Nothing but the best…

Fact Nine: Keeping the customers satisfied

Our happy customers put lots of kind Trustpilot reviews about our slippers. Descriptions such as: cosy, beautiful, gorgeous, excellent, great quality, beautifully made & soft, crop up regularly. We work hard to keep our Trustpilot rating Excellent.

Fact Ten: The original and best 

Finally, Pepto, our very first slipper, is still a firm favourite. You stay loyal to this best-seller. We think it’s due to the pop of Pepto Bismol pink against the vibrant turquoise.

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