Family time at Springles Cottage

Family time at Springles Cottage

This week I was fortunate enough to visit my beautiful sister and her family at their home in the stunning South Downs, East Sussex.

Her impeccably designed rental cottage, @springles_cottage, is a truly special place to stay. Each room is filled with glorious natural light that pours in from the endless Sussex skies. Every detail has been carefully considered and styled to perfection.

With my trusty friend, partner in crime and photographer, Caroline Jones in tow, we decided to make the most of our beautiful surroundings and have some fun with the camera during our stay.

We certainly benefited from the season in our images. From the burnished leaves and rich tones of Autumn’s fruits and flowers; to the late, low sunshine, as thick as honey, which bathed us in the most wonderful light for photos, giving our skin (and our pink gin!) a flattering glow.

My gorgeous niece and nephew, Lilja and Mikki, had fun modelling their Small Home slippers and even Gigi the cat seemed to want to get involved!

The garden at Springles provided natural props for our impromptu photoshoot; from orange and yellow-skinned wonky squashes, to delicately-petalled dahlias and the vibrant russet red of Virginia Creeper.

A sundowner in the garden at Golden Hour, with views over the rolling Sussex Downs, was the most welcome end to a picture-perfect day.

I wonder if Lilja will be looking this angelic on Hallows Eve? 

My beautiful sister Alliah, nephew Mikki and niece Lilja.

Gigi the cat, who loved the lens!

Collecting wonky squashes with my little shadow, Lilja.

Playing with the Golden Hour sun.

 "Auntie Aysh, this slipper modelling is fun!" Mikki Björn, aged 6.


Foraging in the garden for table decorations.

"These slippers feel like the furriest monkey cuddling my feet", Mikki Björn.

My favourite new slippers, inspired by my favourite season.

Golden Hour turned into Happy Hour.

Springles Cottage is available for rental and sleeps 4 people, for further information check out or email Alliah on

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