Slippers... who knew?!

Slippers... who knew?!

Since we started designing and making slippers in 2015, we have sold a fair few pairs (we've been too busy to actually count!).

It’s been an eventful journey and we have had lots of fun along the way.

To celebrate the start of slipper season 2021, we wanted to share some fascinating slipper facts with you.

From our bestselling slipper styles, to what my nickname is locally and the influential magazine editor who wore our slippers to the Chanel Show at Paris Fashion Week. Read on to find out more...

Fact 1 - Our bestselling Moccasins are our Pepto's (pictured above), they are our original pair designed many years ago. My daughter Amelie, picked the embroidery colours and they are named after the distinctive pink colour of Pepto Bismol!

Fact 2 - I discovered our Mule style when visiting an elderly lady in Poland - I found a single (rather chewed) shoe in her dog’s mouth! It sparked the development of our backless style. 

Fact 3 - Our bestselling Mules are our Lovebirds in blue, a design resulting from the creative collaboration between myself and textile designer Jayne Emerson. (Jayne’s work sells to Chanel, Dior & Marc Jacobs... and The Small Home!) The embroidery idea for the Love Birds came from nail and string art sets that we both had when we were kids.


Fact 4 – Our embroidery yarns come from a small-scale British spinning mill that uses local Devonshire sheep. Our yarn is made in small batches to order. This regularly causes production nightmares and we are continually running out and having to wait for the yarns to be dyed!

Fact 5 – We use sheepskin offcuts from Rolls Royce to make our slippers. They cut a rectangle from the centre of each sheepskin to use in the footwells of their cars... and we use the rest! It’s the highest-grade soft sheepskin, and uses waste from another industry.

Fact 6 - When a big slipper delivery arrives from Poland it is still processed in my sitting room! We regularly cannot get into our sitting room as it is full of slippers... our home certainly doesn't always look like the image above!

Fact 7 - I’m known as the ‘The Slipper Lady’! where I live in Balham, South London... which, I guess, could be worse!

Fact 8 – All of our photoshoots are done in my home and (despite being incredibly camera shy) I have always done the brand 'modelling'... primarily because I am very affordable!

Fact 9 - One of our superfans, Catriona Innes, who is features director of Cosmopolitan by day and slipfluencer by night, wears our slippers to the kebab shop and takes them camping. She recently packed them for a trip to Palma and Milan. 

Fact 10 - The editor of Grazia magazine, Hattie Brett, wore our slippers for the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week 2020 (it was livestreamed to her sofa!)

Want a new pair of slippers for slipper season?


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