Styling the super stole

Styling the super stole

The brilliance of these lavishly large stoles lies in their versatility.

These oversized scarves work as an elegant shawl over occasion wear for a summer wedding, yet function equally well when rolled into a ball, bunged in a Wayuu bag and taken to the beach as a summer sarong/cover up/beach towel

Here's how I am styling mine...

At 220cm x 120cm these luxurious linen stoles can be wrapped generously several times around the neck, yet surprisingly, are never bulky or thick. In fact, being spun from 100% pure hemp, this fine, gauzy material lends itself to intentional draping. 

They are incredibly low maintenance too. Hemp is a durable eco-friendly fibre which improves with age and washes well, making these beautiful linen scarves easy to wash and wear on repeat. Hot wash them at 60 degrees (they won’t shrink!) or give them a quick rinse in a holiday sink. Being lightweight, they are quick to dry. 

The best bit? The natural crinkle to the fabric means they’ll never need to be ironed making them a practical holiday accessory. Simply twist them into a knot and pack in a travel bag for a stylish wraparound for chilly nights on holiday or as a travel blanket (or impromptu pillow) on a plane.

And these oversized linen scarves are not just for summer but are a useful year-round accessory. Natural hemp is temperature regulating so it is cool to the touch in warmer weather, yet offers warmth for colder days.

Finally, did we mention these versatile scarves are really huge? I mean, they would easily work as a wraparound dress if your luggage got lost. If you have room for just one accessory in your bag this summer, make sure it's this lavishly large linen scarf. 

Choose from a natural colour palette:

Japanese Blue - an inky and sophisticated deep blue, a bestseller and my personal favourite. 

Rose de Sables - a pretty old-fashioned pink which enhances the warmth in the wearer’s skin tone.

Havana - a rich deep ochre which works well on sun-kissed skin.

Olive - a subtle and versatile green which sits easily alongside neutral colours.

Milk - a rich warm neutral which flatters all skin tones.

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