The Perfect Summer Bag

The Perfect Summer Bag

The washable Wayuu bag offers peace of mind for fun-loving folk.

So, if you are heading to a festival this summer and need a bag for essentials, simply take your beautiful Wayuu bag - and pop it in the wash when the fun is done.

No need to settle for the practicality of a plastic bag in case something leaks, spills or gets dirty - take this beautiful bespoke washable bag.


It is easy to be fooled by its striking good looks but the Wayuu bag really is summer’s hardest working, most comfortable and practical choice. 

Wayuus are comfortable to wear and easy to carry, their well-made wide woven straps mean no sharp edges cutting into your hands or bare shoulders. 

They make a perfect festival bag: easy to wear crossbody leaving you hands-free to hold a drink or to dance; it even has a tie fastening to keep all your valuables secure whilst you party.

Wayuu bags are strong and durable, so investing in one now means having fun with them for many summers to come.

They come in three practical sizes with each being surprisingly spacious. They fit plenty in, yet pack flat, so you can use them as a carry-on for air travel, or pack them flat for use on the beach when you get there.

Which size suits your summer?

Watch the video below and see how much I can fit into my large wayuu bag!

Large Wayuu: deceptively spacious, makes a great beach bag, easily fits a hammam towel, bikini, book, water & sunscreen. 

Medium Wayuu: is perfect for all your daily essentials, keys, phone, passport, sunscreen, and makeup.

Zuzu Tote Bag: ideal for the family swim kit, picnic or as a gym or overnight bag.

The big question is, how do you pick your design when they're all so beautiful! I have a solution, rock them all... a girl can never have too many bags!

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