Dress to rest | Luxury loungewear

Dress to rest | Luxury loungewear

Whenever I manage to steal back a Sunday and indulge in a slow day dedicated to reset and connection, I feel I’ve doubled my rest.

Steal back Sundays don’t just happen, they occur by design. They start with the intention to focus on experiencing the day, not on what you can achieve. 

This is a day simply to be.

luxury loungewear

A day of intentional relaxation starts with considered dressing; choosing an outfit which echoes the day you want - comfortable, unstructured, flowing.

It doesn’t mean staying in your PJ’s all day - being on edge in case someone pops round unexpectedly is not relaxing.

Nor does it mean wearing retired daywear that you would no longer wear out in public - so reject those sagging tracksuits and faded T-shirts!

The most suitable attire for a slow lazy day is loungewear - but not all loungewear is made equal. 

Look for high-quality pieces that feel wonderful to wear, are made from natural materials which breathe, and allow you to go with the flow. 

Our new luxury loungewear edit has been designed with the following six principles in mind. 

Luxury Loungewear

Six elements I look for in loungewear

1/ Comfort is my top priority (regardless of the occasion) Avoid anything too tight and man made - no one needs the uncomfortable distraction of an itchy fabric or restrictive waistband!

2/ Unstructured pieces that can be enjoyed in and out of the house, make every environment feel like home.

3/ A calm and restful palette which suits most skin tones, is effortlessly chic and makes for easy co-ordinating. My go-to combinations are tone-on-tone shades of soft chocolate, mocha, oatmeal, and cream with a hint of a neutral pink.

4/ As with my interior, mixing different natural-based fabric textures gives alluring depth. Combine luxurious silk, delicate lace, stonewashed linens, cosy alpaca and cashmere knits, fleecy sweatshirts, and soft sheepskin for a sensual experience to lounge around in (or out) of the house.

5/ Lingerie-as-outerwear looks elegant and chic, these delicate pieces are too good to be hidden from view.

6/ Timeless, understated luxury that makes you feel as good as you look. It turns out that feeling good about yourself is rather relaxing!

Luxury loungewear edit 

Here is our loungewear edit designed to inspire us to invest in rest.

It’s what Sundays were made for* 

(* or any day of the week when you need to relax and reset.)

Cosy Sunday morning 

Go with the flow Kimono 

This French linen Kimono is comfortable, supple, and soft. The classic Kimono shape allows you to go with flow, with the 7/8 sleeves giving a pleasing fluidity when you move. With pockets for your essentials (reading glasses, lip salve and phone) wear it loose or belted. It comes in two lengths. 

 Linen Kimono

Linen kimono

Lounge in luxury 

Delicate and adorned with traditionally crafted English Nottingham lace, this Virginie Silk Camisole is a light luxurious layer to wear under a hemp stole scarf or a Kimono. This is one of our most sought-after pieces.

 lace trim camisole

Sock it to cold feet 

Our luxury wool jacquard socks are made by a traditional Japanese brand, Nishiguchi Kutsushita. Crafted from pre-shrunk wool, this plush sock offers incredible comfort and warmth. Perfect for keeping feet warm when you are enjoying a slow day.

 luxury socks

Securely snug 

Watch this space... our new Slipper boots (launching soon!) feel extra luxurious with the softest sheepskin sitting snugly around the foot and ankle. These elegant new Venus Slipper Boots are ideal for when you know you are staying indoors for the day.

luxury slippers

Shrug it off

Wrap yourself in comfort with our beautiful hemp stole scarf. It’s what you need to cocoon yourself against the cold and when you want to create a natural feeling of reassurance.

linen stole


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